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Has the Central Fund of Canada Given Us Another Silver Buy Signal?

Adam Brochert
Thursday, January 12th

I stumbled onto this little gem about a year ago and I think it is about to work its magic again. I am speaking of the ratio of the Central Fund of Canada (CEF) to the price of Gold. Please see the original blog post for an explanation of this CEF:Gold ratio.

This CEF:Gold ratio barely triggered a buy signal for silver on December 27, 2011. Of course, a "barely triggered" signal may be all we are able to achieve if silver is getting ready to rocket higher after a brutal but fairly typical (for silver) correction from the the spring, 2011 highs. Here's a chart of this ratio thru today's close to show the buy signal for silver (the top plot is the price of silver, while the lower plot is the CEF:$GOLD ratio):

Coupled with horrible sentiment for the restless metal and rampant fears of a deflationary collapse, I think the low is already in for silver. I give you this chart of money supply growth courtesy of shadowstats.com:

This type of monetary madness is what gave rise to silver's last run! We'll have to see what happens, but I think the CEF:Gold ratio will once again prove to be right. I like metal stocks over metal right now and silver over Gold. However, I like anything precious and metal-related at current levels. My subscribers and I are fully invested in order to profit from a further advance in the PM sector, so I am biased. Why don't you join us - a one month trial is only $15.

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