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Silver Market Morning: May-22-2015

2 days 19 hours ago

The silver price should consolidate, in New York today.

Silver Market Morning: May-21-2015 - 3 days 19 hours ago

May 20: Gold Gains With Oil - 4 days 12 hours ago

The Deep Dark - 4 days 13 hours ago

An Insane Financial World - 4 days 17 hours ago

December 3: Gold Gains 1% While Sliver Slips

Gold climbed $10.01 to $1208.31 in late Asian trade before it fell back to nearly unchanged at about 7AM EST, but it then rose to a new session high of $1213.83 in New York and ended with a gain of 1.02%. Silver edged up to $16.569 at one point, but it then chopped back lower at times and ended with a loss of 0.18%.

Silver Market Morning

New York closed at $1,198.30 down $14.30 before Asia took the gold price up to $1,206. In London’s the gold Fixing was set at $1,203.25 up $6.25 and in the euro at €975.239 up €12.556 while the euro was a cent weaker at $1.2338. There were two sellers at the Fix selling 22,000 ounces and two buyers buying 26,000 ounces. Ahead of New York’s opening gold was trading in London at $1,204.00 and in the euro at €976.72.

Liberty Dollar founder avoids imprisonment in sentencing

We have it only through a reliable intermediary that Liberty Dollar founder Bernard von Not Haus, convicted rather strangely almost four years ago of counterfeiting for issuing silver coins worth more than the originals they were supposed to be imitating, received a lenient sentence today from Judge Richard Voorhees in U.S. District Court for the Western District of North Carolina -- six months of home confinement and three years of probation.

MASSIVE INDIAN SILVER IMPORTS: Setting Up For Another Big Record Year

With the paper price of silver now below the break-even for the majority of the primary silver mining companies, India imported a massive 1,243 metric tons of silver in October alone. What is quite interesting about this figure is that it comes in at one metric ton shy of the previous record set in May, 2011 at 1,244 mt.

December 2: Gold Dips and Silver Slips

Gold dropped $20 to $1192.60 in late Asian trade before it bounced back higher in London and New York, but it still ended with a loss of 1.18%. Silver slipped to as low as $16.084 and ended with a loss of 0.12%.

Silver Open Interest Anomaly

Each week the CFTC publishes data from futures and options contracts for many commodities. Open interest shows the number of open contracts – one long for each short – in a particular commodity, say silver.

Santacruz Silver Reports Third Quarter 2014 Financial Results

"The third quarter has seen continued improvements at the Rosario Mine. Most importantly we have seen a significant increase in our revenues while at the same time a continuous reduction in our operating costs per silver equivalent ounce resulting in positive cash flow of $464,000 at our Rosario Mine during the quarter."

Silver Market Morning

New York closed at $1.212.60 and Asia took the gold price down slightly to $1,208. The recovery from $1,151 to $1,218 at its daily peak was $67. In London’s the gold Fixing was set at $1,197.00 up $18.25 and in the euro at €962.683 up €17.225 while the euro stood at $1.2434. There were two sellers at the Fix selling 30,000 ounces and one buyer buying 36,000 ounces. As we wrote this gold was trading in London at $1,198.30 and in the euro at €962.84.

December 1: Gold and Silver Gain Almost 4% and 7%

Gold dropped $24.17 to $1142.83 at the open of trade last night, but it then climbed back higher throughout most of the rest of trade and ended near its early afternoon high of $1220.22 with a gain of 3.91%. Silver slipped to as low as $14.436 at one point, but it then rose to as high as $16.75 and ended with a gain of 6.67%.

Supreme Court of Canada Dismisses Appeal Application by Hector Davila Santos

FIRST MAJESTIC SILVER CORP. (AG: NYSE; FR: TSX) (the "Company" or "First Majestic") is pleased to announce that the Supreme Court of Canada has dismissed the leave to appeal application by Hector Davila Santos ("Davila Santos") and Minerales y Minas Mexicanas, S.A. de C.V. ("MMM") against the Company.

Santacruz Silver Announces Amendment to Silver Prepay Agreement

Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. ("Santacruz" or the "Company") (SCZ.V) reports that it has amended the previously announced US$28.4 million Pre-paid Silver Purchase Agreement with JMET, LLC ("JMET") wherein the Company had agreed to sell 4,635,000 ounces of silver through August 2019, subject to certain adjustments relating to metal prices. The original agreement was announced in a news release on September 18, 2014.

Silver Market Morning

New York and Asia took the gold price down to $1,151 before Asia and London took it way back above New York’s close of $1,167 to $1,183, ahead of London’s Fixing. Gold was then Fixed at $1,178.75 down $5.75 and in the euro at €945.458, down €3.737 while the euro stood at $1.2468. There were two sellers at the Fix selling 40,000 ounces and two buyers buying 54,000 ounces. As we wrote this gold was trading in London at $1,174.10 and in the euro at €942.27.


The Royal Canadian Mint just released their figures for the quarter showing record Silver Maples sales for the year. Sales of Silver Maples weren’t as strong in the third-quarter compared to the same period last year, but they outperformed Silver Eagles in percentage terms.

Market Report: Waiting for Godot

Alternatively, watching paint dry. That's how it has felt this week with gold's volatility slowing to a crawl ahead of Thanksgiving yesterday and the Swiss gold referendum on Monday.

Excellon receives TSX OK for 5.2-million-share buyback

The company filed the NCIB program to allow for market purchases of the company's common shares. Pursuant to the terms of the NCIB program, Excellon shall be permitted to purchase common shares for cancellation through the facilities of the Toronto Stock Exchange at the prevailing market price of the common shares.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-26-2014

At the pre-meeting meeting of O.P.E.C. no agreement on cuts in oil production were made. Today, we see oil prices falling further below $78 for Brent and $73 for West Texas. This lays the foundation for the meeting tomorrow. To us it is seen as a direct attack on U.S. oil production rises through ‘fracking’. Russia has said it can tolerate low prices for some time and other producers realize the future consequences of the structural change in the oil market and are fighting it. We, therefore, see oil prices holding these low levels until the battle is won. While such low prices are acting as a mild stimulus for the consumer it is exposing the dollar market to an excess of dollars. Where will these go?

Silver: What COT Analysis Tells Us

Each week the CFTC publishes a Commitments of Traders Report (COT) in which “non-commercial” and “commercial” long and short futures positions are reported. Many people have expressed doubts as to the validity, accuracy and consistency of the data. However, my experience is that the data is mostly relevant, accurate, and useful in the long term, but not necessarily important each week.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-25-2014

The Iran nuclear deal deadline has been postponed for six months. The implications are that both the U.S. and Iran want to agree a deal. We believe a deal will be reached and have far reaching effects on the Saudi Arabian attitude to the U.S., oil pricing and the use of the dollar in oil pricing as well as a shift in the balance of power in the Middle East. This will be gold positive.

Silver Market Morning: Nov-24-2014

In New York there were buyers of 0.299 tonnes of gold from the SPDR gold ETF but none from the Gold Trust over the period from 13th November until now. The holdings of the SPDR gold ETF were at 720.914 up from 720.615 tonnes on the 13th November and unchanged in the Gold Trust at 160.42 tonnes. From the view of the last week, U.S. investors in the U.S. gold ETFs have stopped selling because of the turn in the gold price since then. And yet the turn did not produce significant buying there. In the U.S. and Europe the perception is that gold is not of interest at the moment.

Prices of Gold/Silver Companies to Double from Here?

Silver is down 70% from its high of $48.70 an ounce back in April of 2011. And the calls from the mainstream are for silver prices to fall farther, as the Federal Reserve has stopped printing paper money and inflation is nowhere in sight. I beg to differ.

U.S. Mint Reports on Silver Eagles: Huge Demand & Weekly Rationing

After the huge take-down in the price of silver on October 31st, demand for Silver Eagles skyrocketed. Then on Nov. 5th after silver was knocked down another 5%, the U.S. Mint suspended sales of Silver Eagles.

November 19: Gold and Silver Fall Slightly With Stocks

Gold gained $5.35 to $1202.15 in London before it dropped back to $1175.26 at about 10:50 AM EST and then bounced back towards unchanged in early afternoon New York trade, but it then fell back off again into the close and ended with a loss of 1.15%. Silver slipped to as low as $15.897 and ended with a loss of 0.49%.

November 18: Gold and Silver Gain With Stocks

Gold climbed $18.13 to $1204.53 by a little after 5AM EST before it chopped back lower at times, but it still ended with a gain of 0.88%. Silver surged to as high as $16.417 and ended with a gain of 0.37%.

Gold, Silver, Crude and S&P Ending Wedge Patterns

Gold and silver look like they have bottomed – again. Perhaps this time it will be a real bottom instead of another fake-out like December 2013 and June 2014. Demand is strong for physical gold and silver, but the supply of naked paper shorts on the COMEX is even larger. This will change. I see prices under $20 as a strong buy zone since I believe that $100 silver is only a few years away.

SilverCrest Options Cumobabi Property

SilverCrest Mines Inc. (SVL.TO)(NYSE MKT:SVLC) ("SilverCrest" or the "Company") is pleased to announce it has signed a five year option agreement (the "Agreement") with Evrim Resources Corp. (TSX VENTURE:EVM) ("Evrim") whereby SilverCrest can acquire a 100% interest in Evrim's Cumobabi Property in the State of Sonora, Mexico. The Cumobabi Property is in the general vicinity of the Santa Elena mine and adjacent to the Ermitaño Property which was previously optioned by the Company (see news release dated January 14, 2014).

James Turk: Erosion of Trust Will Drive Gold Higher

James Turk, founder of precious metals accumulation pioneer GoldMoney, has over 40 years' experience in international banking, finance, and investments. He began his career at the Chase Manhattan Bank and in 1983 was appointed manager of the commodity department of the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority.

U.S. MINT SILVER EAGLES: Record Demand On Manipulated Low Paper Price

Investors snatched up a record number of Silver Eagles as the paper price was manipulated to new lows today. This is a very strange market phenomenon, as several “Official” analysts forecasted a drop or sell-off of physical metal if the price continued to decline.

The Forces That Will Push Silver Over $100

There are tremendous forces at work that will push silver over $100 an ounce. Very few precious metal analysts understand all the forces that are at work. Some analysts focus on specific areas such as the gold-silver ratio and technical analysis, while others write about future investment and industrial demand. And then of course, we have the more unorthodox analysts who delve into the ongoing manipulation of gold and silver -- a realization shared by the author of this article.

Managed money positions hint at bullish turns for gold and silver

I have recently written about the breakdown of disaggregated data from the futures markets into producers and swap dealers for gold and silver futures, as reported in the Commitment of Traders reports issued by the US government’s Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). There is a further category of trader to consider, and that is Managed Money.

All NEW GoldReview.com Launches!

We are extremely pleased and excited to announce a new resource for the silver and gold community! GoldReview.com is a one-stop SILVER & GOLD News Headlines website providing you with a quick and easy overview of the global precious metals markets. Covering gold and silver’s price moves to gold and silver stock updates along with international golden perspectives to breaking sector news plus much more! The all new GoldReview.com has all you need to stay on top of what is happening with the active gold and silver markets.

SilverSeek.com 2013 Virtual Silver Investment Conference: THURSDAY - JANUARY 31

SilverSeek.com’s 2013 Virtual Silver Investment Conference, an online, one-day event showcasing silver industry experts and top tier silver companies will begin at 9:30am Eastern on THURSDAY, January 31st.

LIVE - TODAY! Virtual Silver Investment Conference - THURSDAY, Jan-31

SilverSeek.com’s 2013 Virtual Silver Investment Conference, an online, one-day event showcasing silver industry experts and top tier silver companies will begin at 9:30am Eastern on THURSDAY, January 31st.

Could the Confirmation of the Breakdown in Silver be Consequential?

Investors sentiment for precious metals and gold and silver mining stocks has deteriorated quite substantially recently. And silver is no exception here, which can be seen on the white metal charts. However, the situation in the whole sector is extreme – the oversold readings on many technical indicators and the fact that very important support lines are currently in play in virtually any asset in the sector form a setup as (or even more) encouraging for potential buyers as what we saw in 2008. To see what we can expect on the silver market, let us move into today’s technical part – we will start with the white metal’s very long-term chart.

A New Silver Producer on the Rise

The latest price declines of gold and silver resulted in mining stocks tumbling heavily, whereas some stocks notably bottomed and started healthy rebounds most recently. Among our favorite stocks for short- and long-term recoveries is the new silver producer Santacruz Silver Mining Ltd. (TSX-V: SCZ; Frankfurt: 1SZ) which announced the start of commercial production of its 100% owned Rosario Mine in the Mexican state San Luis Potosi last week.

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: -878,025.900 ounces

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: -878,025.900 ounces

Silver Aiding New Medical Technologies

Recent advances in biotechnology have brought a focus on silver's centuries-old role in medicine; that of acting as an important weapon in the fight against infection and disease. Silver is a critical element in bandages used to treat wounds and reduce the threat of infections in difficult environments. It has also been a key component of treatment in hospitals to reduce the spread of surgical infections in the operating room and in patient care areas.

GET READY: The Great Transfer of Wealth in Gold & Silver is Coming

The U.S. Economy stands at the edge of the abyss while the financial MSM debates whether or not the FED will taper in the fall. Silly analysts. Serious cracks are beginning to appear in the economy while the precious metals have now seemingly decoupled from the broader stock market in a big way.

Wild Price Changes in Silver

I have been a bit amazed by silver's wild price changes lately. People have asked me to comment on it. I have my thoughts, so I'll share. The price swings reinforce that the silver market is tiny, and the paper money markets are oversized. The price swings show that the paper money market is gravely threatened by the silver market.

September 18: Gold and Silver Soar Over 4% and 6% Higher After Fed Fails to Taper

Gold dropped $18.50 to $1291.40 in Asia before it rebounded to $1307.52 in London and then fell back to $1296.00 by a little before 10AM EST, but all bets were off when it became time for the fed’s highly anticipated announcement on possible tapering of its stimulus program. Gold initially climbed up to $1312.02 just before the announcement and then jumped to $1349.35 just after the announcement before it pared its gains a bit in the next hour of trade, but it then climbed to a new session high of $1367.20 in the last hour of trade and ended with a gain of 4.31%. Silver slipped $0.52 to $21.20 at about noon EST, but it then soared to as high as $23.213 and ended with a gain of 6.31%.

2012 Silver Baron Award winner Brad Cooke

Brad Cooke, the CEO of Endeavour Silver (NYSE:EXK) and 2012 winner of the Silver Baron Award, chats with Vanessa Collette about exciting developments he's overseeing at his company.

Total Physical Silver Demand Achieves Record Level in 2013

Total physical silver demand rose by 13 percent in 2013 to an all-time high, according to “World Silver Survey 2014″, released today by the Silver Institute. This was primarily driven by the 76 percent increase in retail investment in bars and coins coupled with a sturdy recovery in jewelry and silverware fabrication. On the supply side, silver scrap fell by 24 percent, experiencing the largest drop on record to reach its lowest level since 2001. The silver price averaged $23.79 in 2013, the third highest nominal average price on record, in a particularly volatile year for the entire precious metals complex.

An Open Letter to Mining Company Executives

Please accept my sincere condolences on the continuing suppression of metal prices. As a stock holder in your company, I share your concern that an unrelenting environment of depressed metal prices will inevitably cause damage to your mining company. I will not insult your intelligence by dwelling on the long term solution that you are so very well aware of (i.e., reduce mining output at low prices, both as a way to pressure prices higher, and as a way to conserve your precious in ground resource for times when prices are more favorable). Instead, I hope to suggest short term tactics that could help to restore higher prices.

The Silver Saga

The silver standard did not die a natural death. It was deliberately killed. A proper search for the assassins was never carried out. There was never a post-mortem. In this paper we focus on the conspiracy as it might have unfolded between the two dates: April 9, 1865 (the day General Lee of the Confederacy surrendered at Appomattox to General Grant of the Union marking the end of the War Between the States) and January 1, 1879 (Resumption Day, when payment of the victorious Union’s currency, the greenback was resumed in gold specie ̶ but not in silver).

Silver: The Noise is Deafening!

The weak prices for silver and gold during the past three years are a correction to the massive run-up in prices from October 2008 – mid 2011. During that time silver increased from a low of $8.53 to a high of nearly $50.00. Gold increased from a low under $700 to a high over $1,900. They have been correcting since then. The correction is, I expect, over – FINALLY.

Shanghai Silver Stocks Fall Nearly 50% Since April

Ever since the take-down of the price of silver in April, silver warehouse stocks have been declining in a large way at the Shanghai Futures Exchange. At the peak on April 12th, the Shanghai Futures Exchange held 1,124 tonnes of silver at its warehouses. However, just six weeks later, 360 tonnes or 32% were removed.

When it comes to silver investing, in Ron Paul I trust

Truth be told the main reason I started investing in precious metals is Ron Paul. And, truth be told, the main reason I’m not interested in selling any of my silver or gold (or mining stocks) is also Ron Paul.

Should I bet the house on silver?

A life event recently tested how strong my convictions are on the question of where silver and gold prices are headed in the next 12 or so months. What happened is I received notice from a tenant of mine informing me he is not renewing his lease when it expires at the end of May.

The Silver Series: Silver as an Investment (Part 3)

Silver has had double digit gains in 7 of the last 10 years. In this infographic, we look at the investment properties of silver as well as its chief differences with gold. Highlights include a study on silver correlation, volatility, performance against the US Dollar and money supply, and portfolio diversification.

China Silver Demand to Advance to Record on Wealth Protection

Silver demand in China, the world’s second-largest user, is set to jump as much as 10 percent next year to a record as investors look to preserve wealth, according to Beijing Antaike Information Development Co.

CFTC Commissioner Bart Chilton on HFT Regulations, Silver Manipulation Probe & MF Global

We talk to Bart Chilton, author of "Ponzimonium," about how the law needs to change in order to make bringing fraud charges forward, easier. One of those things is the laws and wording around "intent," something that has made prosecution and regulation much more difficult. And one place that regulation is important is in preventing, or curtailing market manipulation, specifically the manipulation of the gold and silver market. There is much speculation about the role of large bullion banks in the gold and silver market, and how they may be using large, concentrated directional positions to affect the price. There has been an ongoing CFTC investigation that Bart Chilton hopes will provide some answers for the public soon.

Gold's Little Brother Is Talking

Silver seems set to perform well against the dollar, but it also appears to be ready to make gold look like a bit of a slug.Unlike most silver investors, I have no interest in selling silver for “dollars of profit”. I view silver primarily as a currency.Gold is the ultimate currency, and I think silver is best viewed as “gold’s little brother”.I sold silver for gold in the first quarter of 2011, and now it’s time for me to buy silver with gold.

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: -1,063,729.540 ounces

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: -1,063,729.540 ounces

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: -948,613.090 ounces

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: -948,613.090 ounces

Silver Price Projection – for 2013

An objective and reasonable estimate for the price of silver at the next intermediate peak (estimating 2013 – Quarter 2) is $50 to $60 per ounce (current price is about $28). This is not a prediction based on wishful thinking and hope, but a best estimate based on rational analysis of data stretching back to 1975.

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: +1,534,729.460 ounces

COMEX Silver Inventory Update: +1,534,729.460 ounces

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