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April 18, 3:32 pm

COT Silver Report - April 18, 2014

Alasdair Macleod, April 17, 8:27 am

It wasn’t meant to be like this: six years of global money-printing should have guaranteed economic recovery. Until very recently, there was hope that finally the medicine was having some effect; but in the last few weeks investors have become noticeably more cautious. Is it Ukraine, or is it the slow-down in China? Whatever the story the truth is revealed in the chart of recent US bond prices shown below.

Fabrice Drouin Ristori, April 16, 6:18 pm

Since there is a lot of talk about a potential gold re evaluation following an international monetary reset, I wanted to interview David Morgan, renowned silver market analyst, in order to have his views on a couple of topics, including silver evolution, silver manipulation, and the potential price of silver after a financial reset.

GE Christenson, April 15, 10:23 am

Richard Russell thinks the stock market is currently dangerous and that silver and gold are safe. He understands that gold and silver are eternal wealth with NO counter-party risk. What is counter-party risk? It is the risk that paper wealth is not real, that debts will not be paid, that dollars, yen, and euros will decline in purchasing power, that your employer will declare bankruptcy and your pension will be cut in half, that your brokerage account will be hypothecated by management, that your bank will declare bankruptcy and your deposits in that bank are unsecured liabilities of the bank and may not be paid either timely or in full. In short, there is counter-party risk in almost everything.

Casey Research, April 14, 4:53 pm

The Harrowing Stories of Three People Who Survived Economic and Political Collapse in Zimbabwe, Yugoslavia, and Argentina… And how their powerful stories of hardship foreshadow what's happening in the US.

Hubert Moolman, April 14, 8:37 am

The relationship between the Dow and silver has been very consistent during the last 100 years. After each of the major Dow peaks (real, not necessarily nominal peaks), we eventually had a major bottom in silver.

April 11, 3:30 pm

COT Silver Report - April 11, 2014

Andrew Hoffman, April 11, 12:05 pm

Today is one of those days where I intend to achieve my goal, as there are simply too many important topics to be broached. Frankly, it is awe-inspiring to watch the daily machinations of global money printing, market manipulation, and propaganda destroying the lives of countless billions. Each successive manoeuver materially adds to the cumulative misery we anticipate in the coming decade – such as today’s Bank of England decision to maintain its 0.50% interest rate for the sixth straight year, and its £375 billion QE program.

Alasdair Macleod, April 11, 10:31 am

FOMC members appear from the minutes to be confused. The previous month's conclusion, that if it wasn't for the weather the economy is improving and so interest rates will increase a little earlier than expected, is replaced with renewed anxiety about the outlook now the weather has improved. And who can blame them: after QE1, 2 and 3, some iffy numbers like unemployment have fallen, but where's the price inflation? The overriding concern for all central bankers is still the prospect of deflation.

Bill Rice, Jr., April 10, 4:02 pm

As far as I can tell, there are two types of people in the world: Those who believe what they are told and those who make up their own minds and occasionally question what they are told.

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