• Gold: 1,267.14 -6.42
  • Silver: 17.64 -0.12
  • Euro: 1.091 0.002
  • USDX: 98.617 -0.102
  • Oil: 49.13 -0.2

Live Silver

Bid|Ask 17.64 17.65
Low|High 17.57 17.86
Change -0.12  -0.65% 
Oct 26, 2016 15:36:39 EST
1 mo -1.8028 -9.27%
1 yr +1.7641 +11.11%
Low|High 13.64 21.14

Live Gold

Bid|Ask 1,267.14 1,267.26
Low|High 1,264.62 1,276.53
Change -6.42  -0.5% 
Oct 26, 2016 15:36:39 EST
1 mo -70.32 -5.26%
1 yr +103.31 +8.88%
Low|High 1,046.18 1,375.17

Gold-Silver Ratio

Bid|Ask 71.80 71.86
Low|High 71.40 71.97
Change 0.0628  0.09% 
Oct 26, 2016 15:36:23 EST
1 mo +3.0404 +4.42%
1 yr -1.4703 -2.01%
Low|High 63.95 83.82

Silver Edition


Gary Christenson, October 26, 2:52 pm

Our financial systems create exponential increases in: Debt Prices for stocks Prices for commodities Currency in circulation Prices for gold and silver Why? Fractional reserve banking, central banks creating more currency, and politicians who spend governments deeper into debt each year… but this article isn’t about why.

Andrew Hoffman, October 25, 1:03 pm

Another day of “PM-bearish, everything-else-bullish headlines,” and another day closer to the inevitable, and perhaps imminent, end game for history’s largest, most destructive fiat Ponzi scheme. Yes, it appears the powers that be have markets under “lock down” in the weeks heading into most important election in U.S. – and by proxy, world –history, in their attempt to once and for all, completely commandeer government, and subsequently milk society of every last drop of wealth they’ve accumulated.

Andrew Hoffman, October 24, 1:20 pm

From my perspective, as Marketing Director of one of the nation’s oldest, largest bullion dealers, and a daily contributor to the Miles Franklin Blog; my sense is that a aura of “surrender” has occurred on the part of many Precious Metals investors. The reason being, that the Cartel’s “pre-election” suppression campaign – starting with the blatant, over-the-top “Deutsche Bank Destruction” raid on October 4th, when China was closed for its “Golden Week” holiday – has given way to a belief “the powers that be” are in total control; of financial markets, economic data, and the election process.

SilverCOTReport, October 21, 3:11 pm

COT Silver Report - October 21, 2016

Alasdair Macleod, October 21, 10:47 am

This is small bear, and not much evidence of better conditions. However, with predominantly bearish commentators, excepting of course the gold bugs who are always bullish, it ranks as a credible performance. Furthermore, open interest on Comex has fallen substantially from the peak on July 11, leaving the market moderately oversold. This commentator is also convinced that some portfolio exposure, as opposed to purely speculative trading, is being maintained in rolling futures positions, so we have probably seen most of the contraction of open interest.

Roland Watson, October 20, 11:09 pm

Going way back to November 1998 after the Warren Buffett spike, the OHLC bar range of silver dropped below this moving average. With that silver re-entered its long term bear market and what one would have been looking for with this indicator was for the silver’s OHLC range to complete one full month above and clear of the 20 month moving average.

Andrew Hoffman, October 20, 10:21 am

I have been recording Audioblogs weekly for more than three years, 166 to be exact. However, for the first time in memory, I’m taking the week off – as frankly, last night’s debate shook me so thoroughly, I need to control the emotional outpouring such free-streaming commentaries unleash. As frankly, I’ve been working harder than ever to spread the words of truth, protection, and sensibility, and need to maintain my strength ahead of what I fear will be the most difficult times America, and the world, have faced in generations.

Andrew Hoffman, October 19, 12:29 pm

I have to admit, my heart just isn’t “into it” this morning – as frankly, the past 24 hours, Precious Metals mini-surge notwithstanding, has had the feel of a giant financial market and media “holding pattern” ahead of tonight, when easily the most important debate in modern American history occurs. As, irrespective of how egregiously the election has been rigged thus far, no level of fraud, deception, or spin will be able to lift Hillary Clinton to the “high ground” if Donald Trump, who has sounded a lot more Presidential in the campaign homestretch, delivers the political beating I anticipate.

Andrew Hoffman, October 18, 9:17 pm

I cannot think of a time, in my entire life, when I was more worried. Not about my situation personally, as I believe I have prepared for what’s coming, as well as humanly possible. However, that doesn’t mean I won’t face hard times as well – potentially, far worse than said “preparations” accounted for. Let alone, my soon-to-be five year old daughter, as well as the children of everyone reading this blog, and billions of others the world round.

SRSrocco, October 18, 9:06 pm

U.S. Mint Silver Eagle sales surged in the first half of October due to increased turmoil in the political system and economic markets. Silver Eagle sales were strong in the first five months of the year, but weakened in the summer due to several factors. One factor was the fall-off in demand by the Authorized Dealers (wholesalers) who had continued to purchase record Silver Eagles in the first part of 2016, even though retail investor demand had softened.. The other factor was a weakening of investor demand as the contagion from the U.K exit of the European Union subsided in the summer.


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